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Promotions Engine meets Xmas

24 Nov, 2016

Typically, Christmas and New Year holiday is a peak shopping and entertaining season.  Sales increase dramatically as people purchase gifts, decorations, and supplies to celebrate.  Starts from mid November, food & beverage and retail businesses already began advertising and promotional campaigns hoping to grasp the golden opportunity to maximize sales and profits
Taking into account of the short period of Xmas time to make the most sales and profits in a year, restaurants, merchants and retailers try the best to set up popular and profitable promotional activities.  Some will hold short-term fair while some offer various kinds of discounts at different outlets at different time of the sales period.  All these kinds of promotions will certainly impose operation pressure to frontend staff.  Frontend POS is therefore mission critical to help restaurants and retailers to manage and control discount offers during peak seasons of the year.
Precisely, it is a powerful promotion engine on the POS that will do the job effectively and accurately.  Popular promotion rules that a promotion engine can handle include discounts by :
  • Designated product
  • Designated category
  • Buy more get more
  • Buy more get greater discount %
  • Quantity, e.g. buy 5 pieces to get 20% off
  • Purchase amount, e.g. buy up to $500 to get 20% off
  • Member, e.g. extra 10% off for member
  • Shop, e.g. extra 20% off when shopping at Tung Chung outlet
  • Coupon, e.g. accept redemption of $50 coupon at the same time
  • Discount card, e.g. extra 20% off upon showing your Wing On VIP card
  • Promotion period, e.g. Xmas discounts start from 15 Dec to 2 Jan
  • Level amount, e.g. enjoy 10% off when buying up to $200, 20% at $500, 35% at $1,000
  • Level quantity, e.g. enjoy 10% off for buying 3 pieces, 20% at 5 pieces, 35% at 7 pieces
  • Level specific product, e.g. enjoy 10% off for night cream only when buying up to $200, 20% at $500, 35% at $1,000
The promotion engine provides you even with greater flexibilities to specify rule priorities, effective date, restrictions, multiple all on and exclusiveness.  You can set as many as hundreds of rules and let the engine to run on its own.  It is not only useful in peak festival seasons.  You can also work out strategic promotion plans to stimulate consumer spending during low seasons to minimize reducing profits.
Another key feature of a good promotion engine is to provide merchants with reports of each promotion rule so that they can evaluate the effectiveness of the promotion activities and facilitate future decision making on how to tackle market needs and changes.
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