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How does POS help you to control meal time?

17 Nov, 2016

Christmas and New Year Holiday is coming!  December is definitely a festive month in which restaurants and bars are devoted to serve us best to celebrate the moments. It is said by today many restaurants are already fully booked on Christmas and New Year Eve.
However, during peak time for either lunch or dinner it needs effort for restaurants to manage well the time a table is occupied so that the number of customers can be maximized and thus
the profits as well.  Meals such as Japanese buffets, all-you-can-eat etc now commonly have a time limit say 2-hour or 90-minute to set the control. It is also said that even some Cha Chaan Tengs are offering 90-minute $80 all-you-can-eat package.
Timer function on a POS System therefore is important to assist servers in restaurants to easily control the time limit.  Servers are also allowed to define their preferred reminder e.g. 10-minute or 15-minute prior notice.
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