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Online user manual – A perfect user experience

Online User Manual

Full functionality and stability for sure is the core element of a good software application. However, developers should not play little attention to user experience and user experience does not only refer to the smooth and consistent navigation of user interface design. A user guide that intends to give assistance to people using the system is particularly important so that users can operate every part of a software application accurately.

A good and helpful user manual contains both texts and screenshots of the user interface, clear and simple, intuitive and easily understood, giving thorough explanations to its intended audience.

But, at the time when a user is having a question in mind how can he search through a thick book-like document for a quick answer in urgent need?

eRun cares about this. Online use manuals are now available on our systems. More than that, the online manuals are designed to provide you with point-to-point response, addressing your specific question. Whenever you are in doubt of any operation, just click the user manual button on the top right corner of the system. You will be then directed to the manual on web, guiding you how to troubleshoot your problem and ensuring that you use the systems effectively and minimize your time spent on staff training.

Our Support Service

You will enjoy a 12-month FREE warranty with the following services :

Remote diagnosis service calls from 0900 to 2200
On-site service during office hours from 0900 to 1800
Normal software error fix works
Inspection and diagnosis of hardware
We have a comprehensive maintenance policy.  Just contact our sales specialist for the details.

We have a total solution for you

eRun strives to provide the best solutions to meet your unique needs.
It is our pleasure to share with you our experience in using F&B and retail management system.
There is no obligation.
Just call us for a demo and let us tell you in details how eRun can help expand your business.
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