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Innovative Mobile Business Opportunity

4 Aug, 2015

With the improvement of technology and new marketing strategy on customer relationship, many companies are considering using innovative but cost effective membership solutions to build interactive customer relationship and thus maintain the ability to sustain.
CRM mobile application is an innovative solution nowadays that allows retailers to bond with their loyal customers fast and easy. No more membership card is needed. The CRM mobile application will show the digital copy of your creative design of membership card on the smart phone of every registered member. New customers are allowed to register online any time any where to become your members to enjoy special discounts or book a table or retain new product of limited stock on this one-to-one marketing platform. More than that, you are allowed to push information of new products, promotional activities or the latest news of your company to their mobile phones with much more fun.
The application should be seamlessly integrated with front end POS and back office system so that all member activities or bonus point balances can be shared real time. Your members are free to check and view their stored-value cash balances, accumulated bonus points or stamps, and their buying history online while at the back office, you and your marketing staff can do meaningful analysis to formulate the next promotion plans.
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