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Deposit Function that Cut Down on Holiday Hassles

27 Dec, 2016

Catering businesses in Hong Kong will not have another year-end as busy as that in 2016.  Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year fall in a festive period as short as six weeks only.
Celebrating these big days, customers will book in advance tables and signature dishes. Handling large volume of bookings during peak season is indeed a big challenge to restaurants and bars.
Frontend staff have to mark down names and telephone numbers of customers as well as their appointed date and time and the food items they prefer.  Moreover, if deposit is required they have to record the sum received too.  It is beyond imagination if this complicated job is still handled manually.  No wonder most of the caterers will find this festive period a nightmare.
Deposit function on a POS system will be the most helpful tool in this aspect.  No more manual recording. Frontend staff can directly input all required information in the system. It would be even more convenient if the POS is linked up with a CRM system. All you need to do is to search the customer by his telephone number.  His contact information will then be sorted out. Simply using the food menu on the POS you can book the food items he prefers as well as the deposit amount he pays. Even more user friendly is you will be reminded of how many pre-orders will expire today and how many will be coming.
As much as we love the excitement and business that comes with the holiday season, it is also a time that can easily pile on a ton of stress.  Look for a POS system with deposit function to help you cut down on holiday hassles and headaches.
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