eRun CRM

Reward customers and ring up more sales

Our CRM and promotion rule engine are loaded with features to double your effectiveness in driving customer engagement and sales.  Simply pre-set your preferred rewards rules and order, and let our CRM and promotion rule engine do the rest.
At every purchase, our CRM and promotion rule engine will automatically match up the purchase with eligible pre-set rewards rules. If the purchase is eligible for more than one pre-set rule, our CRM and promotion rule engine will automatically apply the promotion with highest priority according to your pre-set preferences.  All promotions awarded to the transaction will be printed neatly on customer receipts.

Build your own unique rewards programs for your customers

Pick one or combine multiple programs to get the best results

Bonus Points

Award your frequent customers with bonus points for discounts or gifts. You can offer additional points on birthdays or special occasions. You can also combine bonus points with other promotion rules from our promotion engine to generate greater rewards for even greater engagement from target customers.

Cash Coupons

Issue numbered cash coupons to your customers, or pair it with promotion rules to generate greater customer engagement. We provide detailed analysis to show customer response to cash coupons, including but not limited to the status of all issued cash coupons, timing of redemption, redemption profiles purchase habits.

Membership Packages

Offer membership packages and secure cash flow for your business upfront. With our packages function, you may offer these customers the promotions of your choice, including but not limited to price discounts, a free session for block purchases, and member-only privileges. This is suited for beauty salons and spas, tutoring centers, fitness centers, or pet spas.

Tiered Points

Build a loyal customer base with our tiered points system. Encourage repeat visits by increasing the value of rewards as your customer moves up the loyalty ladder.  All tier upgrade or downgrade, membership renewal or expiration, and even bonus point reset is fully automatic. This option is suited for high commitment, higher price-point businesses.

Stored Value Benefits

Offer customers with reward points and other stored value benefits for future purchases to build continued loyalty.  Our CRM also holds backup information of members’ purchase history and remaining balances to allow your members access to their rewards even in the event of a lost or damaged membership card.

Connecting All Your Businesses

For business owners with multiple brands or businesses, expand your customer base through mixing and matching membership discounts and privileges across your business platform allowing customers to earn and redeem rewards in sister shops.  Connect your businesses to optimize your customers’ reward experience.

Build interactive relationship with customers – CRM Mobile App

Engage your customers further with a mobile app. Send push notifications to keep them up to date about your latest offerings, sales promotion or special events, and remind them of soon-to-be expired reward points. With the mobile app, they can also view and check their accumulated bonus points, purchase history and redemption history on the go.
We integrate the mobile app with your backend sales and membership data within your POS system, sparing any manual input and maximizing your ROI.

Know your customers for better marketing results

A basic customer profile is rarely enough to help you understand your customers.  If your customers are willing, use our unique questionnaire to obtain a more complete profile of your customers and link it up with purchase history to customize your offerings to the right audience.

Everything on Cloud

Wherever you are, eRun provides you with a cloud platform to manage your customer information or membership renewal status, maximizing your efficiency.  With cloud access, regardless of where you are physically located, all you need is Internet connection to read and access to a great variety of analysis reports on customer purchase habits.  You can share this flexibility with your customers too.  Simply give them an IP address to check and review their own accumulated bonus points, purchase history and redemption history any time any where.
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