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Rule Engine.Mobile App

Buying Behaviour Analysis

eRun CRM has a smart rule engine

It facilitates your effort to offer benefits or privileges to loyal customers

What you need to do is simply to set the conditions and specify the results. The engine will offer your loyal customers with benefits and privileges according to the preset rules.  More than that, you are allowed to set hundreds of rules and order them with different priorities and just rest assure that all preferences or preemption of rule will be executed timely and accurately.

All rule results will be printed neatly on customer receipts.

Samples of rules :

  • Gain bonus points while spending
  • Redeem gift with bonus points
  • Redeem partial payment with bonus points
  • Redeem membership with bonus points
  • Renew membership if consumption $ exceeds requirements
  • De-activate membership if consumption $ does not meet requirements
  • Gain extra bonus points on birthday
  • Enjoy discounts during birthday month
  • Offer referral bonus points
  • Re-set bonus points on anniversary

Double your marketing effectiveness

eRun CRM Mobile App helps you to

build an interactive relationship with customers easily

With this one-to-one marketing platform, you can increase the awareness of customers on your new products, promotional activities or the latest news of your company any time any where. You can also trigger return businesses by reminding customers their membership renewal requirements. Your customers can view and check their accumulated bonus points or past buying history with the mobile app. Even more, you can set online shopping on the platform to get better business results.

Rewritable Membership Cards

Alternately, you may use rewrite cards to bond with your customers. With eRun CRM being integrated with frontend POS, it allows you to update membership details or promotional messages on the rewrite cards upon every transactions.

Explore your customer's buying behaviour

Buying Behaviour Analysis

One of the special features of eRun CRM is to provide easy-to-use user interface for collecting customer details that are unique to your industries. eRun tracks the buying behaviour of your customers, revealing valuable information about their preferences.  Knowing the relationship between product sales and customer profiles you can formulate effective marketing and selling strategies. The technologies eRun uses in this analysis tool help you breakthrough the bottleneck of speed and it can process vast amounts of member data much faster.

The system is able to scrutinize every facet of your business data and allows you to drill down or up or across to analyze information.  You can analyze customer information from sex to age to living district and furthermore from job nature to education or income level and also unique trade attributes which you have self-defined to meet your business needs.

Manage your loyal customers and their information well

Manage Member Information

You are allowed to create member account and issue card at frontend POS within seconds.  This quick and convenient tool, however, does not limit the varieties of information you collect from members : sex, age, living district, job nature, education level, income level, preferred contact time and other self-defined attributes that match your industry.

Our search engine ensure you to find a particular member over 100,000 records within a second or so.

Manage Membership

Just input your requirements on membership renewal, eRun will assign membership types acccording to rules you pre-set.  It will renew, de-activate, upgrade or degrade membership types in line with the consumption amount of your customers and re-set accumulated amount after any membership changes.

And all run automatically.

Manage Bonus Point

eRun supports user-defined conversion rules on bonus point.  You can decide your own redemption conditions and allow redemption of partial payment, gifts, or renewal requirements.  You may also offer extra bonus points to reward birthday stars or referral of new customers.

Checking and viewing of the accumulated bonus point level of customer is easy and quick.  In case of query, you may also do a stock check on bonus point balances of all members.

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