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eRun Cloud POS is loaded with essential POS functions for retailers. Its cloud based structure design allows you to connect to the system any time through the Internet. It reduces the hassle of installation and IT management and provides the best POS solution with only a small amount of monthly rental fee.

It does not only work well in stand-alone shops. For large scale chain stores, eRun Cloud POS also offers them with flexibilities to deploy a hybrid solution of Client/Web POS with end-to-end processes at consignment counters, exhibition booths or bargain outlets that maximizes sales opportunities.

Easy to set up

With its user friendly interface, you can create your product list in minutes and start you business right away.


It is scalable to cater for multiple store operation with a robust back office support and powerful analytics.

Works on any device

It works on PC, Mac, iPad without involving any installation service. You can even run it on POS hardware you already own.


Full function list

It provides you with a complete set of POS functions that meet the daily operation needs of retail shops.

Cloud based

You can save data to cloud storage and retrieve useful business information from any location that has Internet access.


eRun cuts down your initial investment and allows you to start from around $300 a month for a basic contract.

It provides you with comprehensive POS functions

Login Authority
  • Login as Different Users
  • Different Authority Levels
  • User Preset Language
Sales Functions
  • Direct Sales
  • Return Purchase
  • Discounts
  • Multiple Payments
  • Hold Bills
  • Retrieve Bills
  • Member Info on Bills
Check Bills
  • Today Sales
  • History Sales
  • Bills on Hold
  • Check Stock
  • Stock Take
Member Info
  • Basic Member Info
  • Add New Member
  • Update Member Info
  • Setup Member Discount
Data Analysis
  • Time Bill
  • Item Bill
  • Monthly Sales
  • Monthly Item
  • Monthly Payment
  • EOD
  • Adjust Float $
Purchase In
  • Create PI
  • Product Categories
  • Products
  • Product Hot Keys
  • User ID and Password
  • Vendor Info
  • Member Info
  • User Authority

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