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Have you noticed the valuable messages underlying the transaction data you collect from your business everyday? The data not only offer you the picture of sales but also provide useful information on business strategy.  The ability to turn raw business data into useful information and apply it in decision making therefore becomes the key to your business success.

It turns your data into business wisdom

Visual Data Analyzer

It collects, organizes and analyzes various transaction data and then generate real time reports in different dimensions with different filters according to your needs.  The report types cover a range of information from sales, inventory, cost analysis, customer activities to sales performance of staff.  It also provides multi-level and in-depth analysis by time, shop, customer, staff, shop district, item, and by transaction type such as sales and purchases. Using parallel processing technology, it can process massive amount of data in a timely and efficient manner.  And in order to avoid users from paying costly hardware, it allows speedy data processing to be carrying out in PCs rather than expensive servers.

eRun Analytics handles and processes daily transaction data, making the complicated raw data readable and understandable.


Analyzing sales details, compare sales on year-to-year basis or by chained ratio, and also finding out the performance of promotion campaigns.


Checking purchasing record, calculating inventory cost, wastage cost, item cost on a certain date or stock taking date, analyze the cost of slow moving inventory or compare product sales by different suppliers.


Analyzing customer consuming behaviour and the demographic relationship, identifying the characteristics of highest spending customer category.


Analyzing sales performance of staff at different time periods, checking staff attendance.

Performance Reports

Performance reports provides analysis of yearly target and year-to-year comparison etc.  You can keep up-to-date information about the trends and opportunities of their business.

Ad Hoc Reports

Simply by a few keystrokes to set the co-ordinations, you can generate reports that fit your management needs without being tied to stereo-typed reports.

Reports Cover Various Aspects

Reports cover areas of sales, purchase, inventory, cost analysis, income, expense, gross profit, bonus points and balance of stored value.

My Favorites

Base on your own business needs, you can build customized reports and store in the My Favorites bookmark for easy and quick access.

Export to Excel

All the reports can be exported to Excel spreadsheets.  You can integrate the data to process in other accounting or auditing systems.

eRun Analytics offers multiple filters ranging from time, customer, shop to category and item, and from sales, purchase, inventory to cost, profit, to even the characteristics of gender, age group, residential area, job nature, education level and income, or other self-defined attributes that match your business needs.

Mobile and Cloud Analytics

Reports on Web

On this web-base platform, not only you can read the analyzed business information at ease but also access to performance reports up-to-the-minute through smart phone or PC tablet anytime and anywhere. It is an extremely user-friendly web platform for sharing information. Business users will find it effortless to read reports with information of sales, purchase, inventory, income, expense, gross profit and even customer information and activities.  The performance reports further provide clear pictures of update business situation for users to accommodate business targets from time to time.

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It is a mobile App available on iOS and Android that provides your management team with performance reports at their finger tips for making effective responses and speeding up intelligent decision making. You can view important information through graphs, charts and tables and check year-to-date sales target performance of shops and compare the results with that of the past months or years.

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