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An Era of Reports on Web

31 Aug, 2015

Business executives have to travel a lot to attend meetings or visit company outlets every where over the region. Chances that they can actually sit down right in front of their computers to read reports are rare.
However, with the emergence of mobile access to reports on web and the recent fastest growth of mobile devices and larger screen sizes this problem is resolved. Business executives are accessing management reports and gathering important company information just-in-time and real-time, when in fact they may be at home, in a coffee shop or in another office hundreds of miles away.
In the meantime, the demand on meaningful data analysis from business executives, whether they are from SME or large enterprises, is ever rising. Just a copy of an e-mail carrying the figure of End of Day is no longer enough to satisfy the need. Smart executives would also like to read through company business data with multi-dimensional analysis so that they know every up-to-the-minute details to forecast the business and plan ahead.
eRun Reports on Web is exactly the solution to provide executives with important business data on a user-friendly web platform.
Executives will find it effortless to read reports with information of sales, purchase, inventory, income, expenses, gross profit, and even customer information and activities on smart phones or tablets. More than these, performance reports with analysis of yearly target and year-to-year comparison are also available. The solution helps to turn raw business data into useful information for business strategy.
In a highly competitive business world, the key to success relies on the effectiveness and efficiency of your business operation. eRun Reports on Web, a powerful data analyzer with multi-dimensional visual analytics, enables SME or enterprises to turn massive raw data into actionable intelligence.
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