eRun Gift & Loyalty

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Reward customers, build loyalty and ring up more sales

Our Gift & Loyalty platform is loaded with features to maximize your effectiveness in driving customer engagement and sales.  You can pick one or combined multiple programs to build strategies to get the best results.  We provide you with a variety of options to manage loyalty and promotion campaigns and allow you to interact with your customers through effective mobile App.  Seamless integrations with different types of POS channels enable you to offer customer rewards or calculate card balances accurately.
Our reporting on customer spending behavior gives you valuable business data to continue to formulate future campaigns.

Flexible loyalty programs to retain customers

Create loyalty programs to expand your customer base.  You can combine discounts and coupons, bonus points and gift redemption, and stored value cards to appeal to your guests and your markets.

Stored Value Benefits

Offer customers with reward points and other stored value benefits for future purchases to build continued loyalty.

Bonus Points

Award your frequent customers with bonus points for discounts or gifts. You can offer additional points on special occasions for greater engagement with target customers.

Tier-Based Benefits

Build a loyal customer base with our tier-based points system. Encourage repeat visits by increasing the value of rewards as your customer moves up the loyalty ladder.

Cash Coupons

Issue numbered cash coupons to your customers, or pair it with promotion rules to generate greater customer engagement.

Member Discounts

Simply offer fixed discount rates to different grades of membership for customer retention and acquisition.

Membership Packages

Offer membership packages and secure cash flow for your business upfront. This is suited for beauty salons, tutoring centers and fitness centers.

Gift Redemption

Allow your loyal customers to redeem any kinds of gifts including mileage.  We will assist you to make the redemption seamless.

Birthday Rewards

Celebrate your customers’ birthdays with a delightful birthday reward be it extra bonus points or a special cash coupon.

Create promotion campaigns to boost business while rewarding customers

Rewarding your customers or delighting them with gifts is one of the dual purposes you deliver promotion campaigns.  Equally important, you create promotion campaigns to improve the sales, launch a new product, strengthen the images of products, change how people see your brand and create new opportunities for add on sales. These are the basics of building a promotion campaign.
eRun enables you to do all of these things with its powerful promotion engine.  Using different rules types and hundreds of discount rules, you can run a mix of campaigns to achieve the dual purposes.  We also provide seamless integration with POS channels so that at POS settlement, the promotion engine will calculate and apply the appropriate discounts or privileges to customers automatically.

Build interactive relationship with customers by mobile app

Mobile app is a key driver of loyalty participation.  It makes your loyalty program more likable as customers can register immediately as members upon their very first visit.  Becoming your member and keep coming back is critical to your business success.  They help you grow and they keep profits high.
The mobile app also makes rewards easy to understand and gifts convenient to redeem.  Member customers can view and track account balances any time anywhere while you can send notifications promptly to keep members up to date of your latest offerings, sales promotion or any other special events.

Improve business outcomes by leveraging customer data

Constant improvement is at the heart of all successful businesses.  Using analytics to interpret your customers’ buying behaviors and to gain insight to plan future business strategies is therefore vital.  eRun provides visual reports of customer visit frequency, biggest spending customers, coupon status etc to measure the effectiveness of loyalty activities.  And wherever you are and whichever device you are using, all you need is Internet connection to read and access to a great variety of these analysis reports.

Seamless integration and connect all your business

For business owners with multiple brands or businesses, you can be certain that customer discounts and privileges are applicable across the entire enterprise.  You can even run mix and match loyalty programs to allow customers to earn and redeem rewards in sister shops, be it retail or catering.  In addition, POS at shops, online and on mobile devices or kiosks are all seamlessly integrated.  This enable you to deliver loyalty programs automatically and effortlessly.
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